About Us

Formed in recent years, we have team members with many years experience in the freight forwarding profession. We provide freight forwarding, shipping, trucking and excess baggage services to clients throughout the world.

The company is located in East Jakarta but can collect freight or excess baggage from any address and ship to any destination in the world.

We can arrange all the required paperwork and customs entries required for freight forwarding and excess baggage shipping, with competitive rates and a high level of customer service, we are an ideal partner for the client’s freight forwarding and shipping requirements.

With the latest technology and experienced staff, we provide a professional freight forwarding service to businesses and private individuals. The service is intended to be cost effective, enabling clients to increase their profit margins on any exports or imports they may currently have.
Whether the shipment be commercial cargo such as machinery or medical equipment, or excess baggage or personal effects, it is ours policy to always provide the very best rate and freight forwarding service for the shipper.

We have an expanding customer base, located throughout in Indonesia, offering freight forwarding services to many large and small companies who have shipping or freight forwarding requirement.

We have a professional team, qualified in various areas of freight forwarding and excess baggage shipping. We supply a wide range of freight forwarding services that are tailored to the individual shipper and can help keep costs to a minimum. Weather this be airfreight, road freight, sea freight, import or export, every requirement is carefully looked at to ensure that the best service and the best price is offered.